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dispute over water removal problems

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I live in a condominium building. One morning as I stepped outside of my unit to head for work, two of my neighbors were in a noisy squabble, which immediately caught my attention. One of them whom I’ve known for 3 years has been living next to my unit. These two women were disputing over something. The other neighbor frenzied the hallways with angry tones of voice.  First thing that came into my mind was to do something. Before any of them could cause a more serious trouble, it was a logical thing to act in between them. Loud voices and quarrels are against the rules and regulations of the condominium so they needed to calm down before anyone could call security. I took some time to help them get easy with the problem. I told them that there’s a better way to address this issue. I escorted my friend back to her unit and gave her both friendly and legal advice. I told her it’s a good idea to look for immediate actions and check into the insurance policy of the building.

That could be one situation I don’t encounter everyday. My typical day as an attorney normally starts at 6am having coffee while checking emails. I usually go out of my condo five minutes before 7am. But that situation in the hallway had disrupted my routine. I should have already been in the train bustling my way to the law firm office. But I can’t blame circumstances. It gave me a good reason to be late at work.

The reason of my neighbors’ early morning dispute was about a water leak damage. It’s actually a very common dispute faced by a building’s unit owners. The downstairs neighbor who was quite bad-tempered complained that lots of water has been dripping from the ceiling. The water leak was coming from the bathroom of my friend’s unit. It caused a look of catastrophe to the downstairs neighbor’s walling and carpeted floors and she’s asking my friend to pay for the water removal fee, as well as other damages in her unit. Seeking legal counsel to bring suit against my friend was also part of her plans.

Lucky for my friend, she has me, and we also have a friend who is an expert in water damage problems. His name is Jon and he is the owner of the website MyWebPal. From the site’s name, you can easily determine that Jon has nothing but help for people who would look for it. He has a page on that site dedicated to the problem that our friend is facing and when I called him to explain the situation, he was more than happy to come to our rescue.

Helping Friends with water removal problems

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While Jon took care of the water removal, my role as a friend was to be there for her and be her lawyer. The water leak was coming from her and the resulting damage was her responsibility. But she’s glad that it wasn’t a case of negligence like overflowing bathtub or anything like that. Working on the settlement was not a straightforward matter. It was not as simple as letting all the insurance company cover the damages. The big problem stemmed mainly from the neighbor’s motives. It’s been obvious that she wanted to take advantage of the situation. It was supposed to be a simple problem but she made it extensive that she wanted my friend’s money to pay for the purchase of a new carpet and cans of paints. It was something beyond our control. But my friend chose the higher road. She knew how to compose herself and assert her rights. She knew that raving and yelling back will do nothing to help solve a problem.

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