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Before I dwell into more topics about international law, which is my area of focus, I would like to take a little backtrack and talk about how I ended up studying and practicing it.

I had a rough start in life. My family was not that financially well, and I had to take two part-time jobs to be able to support my self in school. Because of so much efforts I placed into education, I made sure that I would only taking up a course that would surely lead me to a greater financial stability in the future. I made loans, took scholarships, and did whatever I could in order for me to become a success in this chosen field.

With the hardships I had to face, it seemed natural that I pursue the law, in my childish dreams of somehow improving the lives of people, ours especially, through a better understanding of the law, and on how it could be used to make citizens’ lives better.

Through this journey, I met Ronnie Held, now an attorney at SIDES, OGLESBY, HELD, DICK, STEPHENS & CLAY LLC.

We were really closed friends and while I was struggling to get myself going despite my financial status, he was always there to help me out in whatever ways he can, especially financially, since unlike me, he is able to easily afford law school.

While we took separate fields of law, I took International Law and he is now an Anniston bankruptcy attorney, we still remain great friends up to this day. I really think that despite all my own struggles and efforts, I still would have not sanely made it through law school if not for Held.

I have become established and finances are no longer that much of a problem for me. My success in life, I greatly owe to him. He is also making a name of his own in Anniston, Alabama. Their firm not only focuses on bankruptcy law but on other areas as well. Their Yelp page highlights their Anniston criminal attorney business and they have an Anniston divorce attorney that is showcased at their Manta page.

At first, I wanted to take up bankruptcy law too, so that we could both focus on the same thing and help each other out even more. However, I was really inclined and attracted to International Law, thus, I did. As a friend, we only wanted what is best for each other and even if we are far from each other, busy with our own clients and worries, we remain very good friends.

If you are someone trying to decide which area of law you wish to take the road on, you better do a lot of contemplating and you better really understand what you want. The law is a very diverse and complicated matter and while all lawyers are required to know everything there is to learn about it, it will make your life easier and bearable if you declare an area of focus and define your range of clients.


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