A Friend I went to Law School with is now a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer  

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer and His Thoughts about Torts

One fine Sunday, a good old friend of mine who I went to law school with decided to have a nice coffee meet with me to discuss how our lives run its course. As everyone knows I’m focused on international law; he, on the other hand, is dwelling on Tort.

We conversed about family too and how long it was since we had coffee, he is one of the most intelligent people I’ve crossed with in my life. He has also been practicing law for about the same year as I have been.

He was also concerned about the fact that the law is always changing, not limited to Tort alone but to all laws, I couldn’t agree more. We also tackled about the hindrances of man to seek assistance from lawyers but surprisingly during out deep talk, he suddenly conversed about some firms that got my attention because it was out of the topic, specifically:

http://www.burnetti.com/practice-areas/tampa-personal-injury-attorneys which you may contact by this number1-888-BURNETTI

A Friend I went to Law School with is now a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer  

I did not expect it from him since he wasn’t the type of man to talk about other people’s business although it was a positive feedback on that specific company, I cannot seem to comprehend what his point is, and then he opened up something that was more unexpected.

This Tampa personal injury lawyer happens to own a personal injury law firm. Which he proposed up to me and wants me to work with him, he thinks that my expertise and experience is a great asset for the firm and will not only limit the firm’s knowledge and service to its niche alone. If I were to join his firm it would become a more general firm and hence obtaining more clients not limited to those who have problems with that criterion.

I told him that I would think about it since even thought the offer seems really promising that he would put me in a higher position and would have authority, I still have other concerns though making it really hard for me to decide on the spot. From personal to business related concerns, I am still tied by these, but for now I assured him that I will give him a concrete answer in about a week.

He then agreed to wait for my decision and would respect a ‘no’(if ever) for an answer but he dearly wants me to be a part of his firm. We then continued to discuss how people shouldn’t be afraid to ask for assistance if ever they feel like their rights are being stepped on. Unfortunately even with firms all over the world providing great services, even free, people seem to hesitate and afraid to discuss it with professional lawyers, hence they keep the problems to themselves. This is why I am still dedicating time to writing this blog so that people may know that there is nothing to be afraid of and everyone is welcome to ask for assistance.



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